About a month ago, I was talking to a friend of a friend and my blog came up. I described to her the conceit, to which she said, “Oh, like Bold Italic.” And that was my Knocked Up-Mr. Skin-moment.

Bold Italic “equips you with unique local intel, backstories and adventures that define San Francisco.” Sound familiar, but more articulate? And you haven’t even seen their splashy graphic designs, ingeniously uncluttered layout, and coterie of strong writers. Or you have, and you’re not reading this anymore.

From The Bold Italic

But I kid–there’s more than enough weird to go around in this town. The latest headliner from Bold Italic is living proof of that. The author spends two nights in a friends van–a van where the friend lives full-time:

Glenny is my ex-boyfriend and after I sent him posts about living in an RV by the Life Nomadic blogger Tynan Smith, he decided to give up regular creature comforts to live in a van while transitioning out of living with me in my cozy Glen Park house. He sold his economical Toyota Yaris, bought a used Chevy van, and started living in it part time. This was a difficult adjustment at first, since at best it was a good camping van and at worst held the barest of amenities with no kitchen, bathroom, or standing space. He got by mostly by parking on quiet streets in the Sunset, showering at 24 Hour Fitness, getting free Wi-Fi at cafés. He even ran karaoke parties out of his van – VANAOKE! Today, Glenn is almost 100% debt-free and can boast that he beat the recession by living his own version of the life nomadic.

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