Elle Chang, a good friend and co-veteran of North Downtown Charlottesville snow days since the Great Blizzard of ’96, is spending 27 months in Indonesia for Peace Corps. The People’s Republic of San Francisco in what one Russian dinner companion declared the “Socialist State of California” certainly has its quirks, but the Peace Corps is another animal.

Take, for instance, Elle’s description of a recent massage:

The other night, one of the neighbors/close family friend who is often hanging out at the house, who’s a masseuse, and very tomboy one she is, gave me a massage. I also found out that she offers her services to others at the school too, like our principal. So I asked if she goes to her home to do it, and it turns out the principal comes to our home, and she gets it done in my host sisters bed. This would never happen in America…very strange, a cultural awakening it was.

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