“Yo man. I got an idea.”


  “Bro, lets go on a bike ride.”

  “Bike ride? That’s alright. I’ll go get-“

  “Nah man. On my bike.”

  “But what am I supposed to ride?”

  “My bike.”


  “…I don’t know man. It’s a little…”

  “A little what?”

  “I mean, who’s going to…”

“You peddle.”

“How come I gotta peddle?”

“Are you going to keep asking me questions or are  are we going to ride?”

“I mean I guess…”

“Great. Awesome. Let’s ride.”

“I feel like everyone’s watching us.”

“No one’s watching.”

“That dude just took a picture.”

“Nah, man. No one’s taking pictures. You’re ass is paranoid.”

“He took out his camera and took a picture.”

“Bro, you need to chill you out and keep peddling.”

“‘Cause I don’t want that shit on Facebook or Myspace or the internet.”

“Just keep peddling.”