My good friend and roomate over at Kentucky Boy Cooking has embarked on an ambitious, some might say revolutionary technique for deep frying pickles and garnishing them with a homemade ranch dressing. It’s a formula as old as the Kentucky hills where it was first fixed by Kentucky Boy’s memaw and improved by generations of kin–the kind of legacy you can taste in the batter.

I’ve seen the mad scientist at work, and it’s been a real pleasure. The man just ordered 15 gallons–gallons!–of local pickles from a very confused wholesaler. And he just arrived in our house with a box bearing 12 loaves of organic bread. He had actually biked a good half mile in San Francisco this box perched on his handlebars. He is currently using our oven to roast 150 slices of bread crumbs and then blasting them with a hair dryer. For the record, this is now the second time in my house that someone has used a hairdryer to dry food.

Clearly you’d be a fool to sleep on an opportunity to see Kentucky Boy in action. The New York Times even profiled this event, so you’d look pretty stupid if you didn’t go. World, be his guinea pig this Saturday night at the Underground Market at Public Works! You won’t regret it.