I’d never been to a Maker Faire before. My friend Kevin had invited me. This is Kevin:

Kevin in AI goggles

When Kevin invites you to an event, you can be assured that one of several conditions apply:

  • People will be dressed like Hobbits
  • People with spiral earrings will try to sell me elfish trinkets
  • There will be big vats of good, pricey food

Many parts of Kevin stopped aging when he turned five, which makes him fantastic company at any event. I was in.

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I’m back from Asia! The first order of business after return was securing a room. And so it was off to my favorite adventure play land: SF Bay Area Craigslist.

How NOT to Look for a Room on Craigslist

One mistake people commonly make searching for housing in San Francisco is that they think housing will come to them. They post sweetly earnest ads on Craigslist under the “Rooms Wanted”:


My name is Erin and I am looking for a room to rent […]I have a medium sized dog and an aquatic turtle. Charlie, the dog, is fully potty trained, and stays in his “house” when home alone. Rosie, the turtle, lives in a tank. Both are super amazing to live with as well.

Thanks for getting back to me, and I look forward to the opportunity of being potential roommates. 🙂

<;3 Erin”

Or you could follow this guy’s lead (SUBJECT: Click me! I’m Cool!), and post a picture:

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I spent the last seven months cavorting through Asia.

Here’s the story of my return:

Check out my site to follow the journey through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, and Nepal.

HECKA good things cracking at the new travel blog


3 things I learned while “filming” in the Marina:

  1. Immigrants in the Tenderloin and blondes in the Marina are equally wary of appearing on camera.
  2. In the 40’s and 50’s, the Marina was a working class Italian and Jewish neighborhood. The last of that generation had mostly moved out by the time the ’89 earthquake destroyed a lot of the area’s homes, but a few shops from that era are still around.
  3. People under 30 smirk a lot when you ask for their opinions on the neighborhood.

Last weekend, after almost six years of loyal service, my I’m-a-college-Freshmen-new-macbook finally bit the dust. It hurts to lose my Tonto.

The soundtrack to my mourning is Ezra Furman, SF/Mission resident. If you like Girls’ latest, and maybe if you don’t, give Ezra a shot. He’s a little melancholy, but not about to spoil anyone’s afternoon with self-pity. It’s  spirited, urban folk with a little grit and love.


A new project: 90 second profiles of Bay Area locales by the people who live, work, and play there. They’re better equipped to tell its story than I am.  Plus I know that I lose you all after two paragraphs of writing anyway.

SF DJ Blackbird Blackbird‘s got a trippy new symphony for your weekend:

+ older favorite:

My friend and roommate Old Mission Neighbor duck up this gem capturing SF’s favorite little slice of bohemia. I’m hoping to do an ethnography of the place soon. Until then, feast your eyes on the circus.

Josh Rotsten Photography

After several months of quiet, Oakland’s most notorious activists/merry pranksters/anarchists/guerrilla underground people’s army are once again making global headlines. First, there was this weekend’s attempted takeover of a vacant building. By now we can pretty well guess how that was going to go before it even got started:

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